Why choose SMA and a PowerUP Partner?

With over 5800 accredited installers in Australia, choosing the right installer is challenging. Make sure you find the best installer with the SMA PowerUP Partner Network. Our independent partners understand the importance of quality German engineering in delivering you the best solar solutions.

24/7 Service

through automatic inverter monitoring by SMA with the Smart Connected package. SMA PowerUP Partners will be informed of any inverter events before you even notice them.

Designed for You

SMA PowerUP Partners are trained in the use of SMA System Design tools to ensure your solar system is both cost effective and designed to meet your individual needs.

Quality Matters

SMA PowerUP Partners are solar professionals fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council and trained by SMA to ensure the quality of the PV system and its installation.

Peace of Mind

Contact SMA PowerUP Partners for any support needed at any time. They have priority access to SMA resources and therefore ensure that you will always have the best experience with your SMA solar system.

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